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Pest Control

Professional Services


Bed Bug extermination

Bed bugs feed on human blood and as a result hide in cracks and crevices in the bedding of their host. The bed bug has a stylet type mouthpart that is used to pierce the skin so they can tap into the blood vessel to feed off its host. Most notably people tend to suffer from reactions to bed bug bites which may vary from bumps, swelling, blistering, and even anaphylaxis (life threatening allergic reaction). These bugs can become a serious nuisance and should be attacked aggressively. If you see one of these creepy critters call Full stream today and have a licensed technician do a thorough inspection and asses the situation. 


Mosquito control

Mosquitoes are a small, slender fly with hairy wings and extended mouthparts used to feed on blood. You may notice concentrated amounts of them in areas with moderate vegetation and still water. As the weather gets warmer mosquitos become very problematic especially when attempting to enjoy the benefits of nature around one’s home. Dont fret Our licensed technicians at full stream have the answer and you will be able to enjoy your backyard all season!


General Pest Control

Pest problems occur in structures for many reasons from moisture problems to the availability of food and shelter. No matter the pest or the problem Full stream has a solution, and not only will we get your issue under control but we will educate you on ways to prevent future infestation.


Rodent control 

Did you know a mouse only needs a hole the size of an dime to enter your home? Or that in favorable conditions a house mouse can produce a litter of 6-8 mice every 40 days? It’s safe to say that all rodents pose a threat to ones homes and health, and if left unattended can worsen very quickly. If you have a rodent problem contact us today so we can build a management plan for you that includes all control methods consisting of baiting, trapping, and exclusion.


Special and occasional pest

We provide eradication and control services for most common, special, and occasional pest here in Pennsylvania. These pest include but are not limited to stink bugs, lantern flies, wolf spiders, asian beetles, grain and storage pest, flies, silverfish, millipedes, centipedes, bees, wasp, carpenter ants, and camel crickets. 

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